Jumpship is an independent game studio based on an original IP by Chris Olsen built in collaboration with ex-CEO and co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti.

We’re building a team of experienced developers in the heart of Guildford, UK.

Our purpose is to assemble a team of talented individuals around this vision with a strong commitment to quality and a passion for creating immersive and unique experiences.



Our philosophy is to break preconceived notions of what games can be by exploring the creative possibilities of the medium. We believe in games as a legitimate and positive endeavor; with potential not only as an entertainment medium, but as a tool to question the human condition. We strive to support our intent with an unwavering ethic in all facets of the process.

This unwillingness to take the path well-trodden, to aim for standards seemingly out of reach and meticulously handcraft every aspect is where the weight of value lies for us as a studio.  It raises entertainment to something deeply personal.




If you have any question or inquiry, please contact us by email, as listed below. While we aim to read everything, we don’t have the resources to guarantee an answer.




Twitter: @jumpshipstudio





We believe that the end product is the sum of the people working on it. That is why we are looking for smart experienced people to come and collaborate.

As part of a small team, it’s expected that you are self-motivated and fare well in an environment where you will be a significant component of the creative solution.

If you feel any of the below job posts describes you, feel free to email us at


We're building a game with a strong emphasis on dynamic, emotion driven, character interaction. Being a small team, we build technical solutions in order to tackle the animation challenges properly.  Your responsibility will be creating a flexible, responsive system that will serve as the ecosystem that drives player and AI interaction.


  • Professional experience with root motion animation architecture

  • 6+ years experience with programming

  • Strong mathematical and fundamental computer science skills

  • Experience on a shipped project


  • Passionate about games and their potential

  • An understanding of the basic principles of game animation



We’re looking for someone who has confidence in their own style, while also being intrigued by ours. You'll need to have experience in lighting and composition principles with an emphasis on style before detail. You'll be forced to make intelligent, economical choices in the environments in order to solve and enhance the overarching narrative and design intent. You will be responsible for translating concept art and the blank spaces between it into fully realized environments in Unity. It's important that you are thriving even when left to your own devices.


  • Professional experience with environment modeling and lighting

  • Interest/experience with British scenery, art, culture and architecture

  • Passionate about telling stories with interactive environments


  • A strong grasp of camera language and lighting

  • Strong technical understanding of Unity



Audio will be both an integral and interactive part of the game. We are looking for a person who, ideally, possesses their own style and can bring that identity to the project.  We cannot stress enough how we want to make the most of the interactive medium and make this an aural experience aware of your input. If these things pique your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Professional experience with audio creation

  • Passionate about creating an interactive audio experience

  • Working knowledge of audio middleware (Fmod, Wwise etc)

  • Working knowledge of Unity


  • Passionate about forwarding audio design in interactive media

  • Passionate about gameplay



Somerville is taking a stylized approach to VFX.  Aspiring to the principles of 2D FX animation and all the character they bring and in a reusable 3D framework.  We’re looking for someone that can build the illusion of "hand painted" with all the benefits of real time lights, particle systems and shaders.  Your responsibility will be to work together with concept, audio and animation team in enhancing the overall dynamic and interactive experience of the game and also establishing the visual language of an alien entity.


  • Working knowledge of Unity

  • Experience with building shaders

  • 3+ years experience with FX asset production in games


  • Passionate about 2D animation and FX

  • A drive to develop strange and new visual identities.

  • Experience with a shipped project.

  • Experience with 3D tools and integrating complex sims into game engines.


We're building a game with a distinct visual identity.  Characters and worlds that are exploring strange and abstract states of existence.  We are looking for a graphics programmer that can help fulfill our ambitions and implement technical-creative-touches on every facet of the game. Your responsibility will be working alongside the team in shaping a performance optimized, visually striking world.


  • Professional experience with shader programming

  • 6+ years experience with graphic programming

  • Strong mathematical and fundamental computer science skills

  • Experience with shipping projects


  • Passionate about performance

  • Passionate about games

  • Experience with Unity