As our VFX artist, you will drive a stylised approach to visual effects within our game, combining the vision of a “hand painted” style with the benefits of real-time lights, particle systems and shaders. You will be responsible for working with concept art, audio and animation to enhance the overall dynamic and interactive experience of the game whilst utilising your VFX skills to establish the visual interactive language for the player and the alien entity within the game.

  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills

  • Knowledge and understanding of producing game VFX in 2D and 3D

  • Knowledge and understanding of shaders

  • Able to create strange and new interesting visual identities

  • Ability to use 3D tools and integrate complex visual simulations in Unity

  • Ability to manage your own time and work proactively

  • Able to adapt to new technologies and technical challenges


  • Experience of full game cycle development in a similar role

  • Experience of creating and implementing in game VFX

  • Experience of iterative design from pre-vis to in game polish

  • Experience with relevant tools for implementing VFX

We see this as a senior level role, although your creativity and skills are more important than the number of games you have released.  


  • Work with our designers to identify VFX requirements

  • Create, implement VFX based upon the vision for the game

  • Work with our audio, artists and animators to develop and refine the VFX style

  • Design and implement the visual communication language of the game

  • Create, maintain and review workflows, tools and pipelines, leading by example

  • Maintain consistency of VFX throughout the entire game

  • Analyse, troubleshoot and solve VFX related technical challenges


  • Competitive salary

  • Work alongside a small friendly and flexible team

  • Opportunity to participate in an innovative new game

  • Located close to Guildford station

If you feel this job post describes you, feel free to email us your CV at job@jumpship.co.uk